The Yubikey Guide for Newbs

Seriously.. What can this do?

What is a Yubikey? A Yubikey is a hardware cryptographic engine and secret key storage device that is designed at the hardware level to prevent (if not just uncapable) to export the secrets it contains. It is most commonly used as a second factor in MFA authentication schemes. TL:DR - The Yubikey is a write only device with built in crypographic silicon. What are the use cases for the Yubikey? High Level What is this used for? [Read More]

Deploying a blog using Gitlab Pages and Hugo

Easier than ghost.

Honestly, it is pretty easy, just use the built-in template from, You can redirect your DNS entry for your website to the and it will load the proper pages, it is also free of cost. so its a quick way to save 5 bucks a month! Although as someone who has not used hugo before, that was a bit of a learning curve. Another part that is a bit awkward is SSL certificates, soon I will have this website under HTTPS, but since all content here is static and public knowledge. [Read More]