Managing Your Dotfiles With Minimal Tools

A Sysadmins Take On Config Managment

Some of us like to keep clean directories. I bet if I asked you to run ls It would be a short list. Desktop Documents Downloads Firefox_wallpaper.png Games Landscape-pictures-28.jpg Library localLibrary Music Pictures Public src Sync Templates Videos Now… run ls -a ~. What do you see? Depending on which OS you use. Probably a lot more files than you knew existed. Let me show you mine. . .. .ansible . [Read More]

Texas Linux Fest For The First Timer

Cool Talks for Texas Folk

What is Texas Linux Fest Texas Linux fest is… The first state-wide annual community-run conference for Linux and open source software users and enthusiasts from around the Lone Star State - Meaning It is similar to some of the larger events such as Scale and SELF in their regions. I attended the following talks.. Ansible Beginner to Brilliant by Alex Juarez Becoming Dangerous with Kubernetes by JJ Ashgar Linux Permissions 101 by Alex Juarez Confessions of a Sysadmin by Ell Marquez of Linux Academy and Allie Barnes Linux Performance Tuning by Thomas Cameron Understanding Containers by Ell Marquez Identity Management In the homelab by Steve Ovens Automate Absolutely Everything by Adam Miller Also, multiple vendors were on site, some of them being, in no partical order. [Read More]